Welcomes! For a nice stay, we suggest you some rules for one pleasant cohabitation:

  • On arrival leave your documents for the registration.
  • Leave free the pitch within and not beyond hours 12:00, otherwise you will must pay a further day.
  • From hours 13:00 to the 15:00 and hours 23:00 to the 8:00 it is strictly prohibited to upset quiet and tranquillity of the other hosts with troublesome noises (to mount or to dismount tents, to use the car, to sing, to play, etc...). Apart from the hush's timetable you hold radio, tv and other to low volume.
  • The hosts or visitors must necessarily be signal to the direction.
  • Don't leave unguarded values, the direction doesn't be responsible.
  • Maintain the dogs to the leash.
  • Don't damage the camping's facilities, don't throw refusals outside the bins.
  • Respect the green.
  • Don't use disproportionately the water.
  • Park your car as disposed and wash it in the appropriate area following allowed timetable.
  • Don't light fires on the ground, the barbecue is allowed with discretion always under own responsibility.
  • Control constantly your children.
  • Don't let to play your children in the toilets and don't make games that can upset the tranquillity of the other campers.

The direction has faculty to expel anyone doesn't respect its indications. Who will bring damages the camping's facilities or to others, he will be thought personally responsible to indemnify.